Connecting Exercise & Nutritional Science


The conviction that you are well prepared to go into competition has a positive effect on self-confidence and the competitive psychology. Professionally designed training and adequate nutrition are therefore important cornerstones for success.

How we define goals together

Training advice combines the right training method and its’ planning. This combination leads to a tailor-made plan that accompanies the athlete on the way to his goal and is constantly adapted. High goals require a result-oriented, structured and holistic process with intensive advice and practical support.


Gemeinsame Leistungsziele Coaching

Focus on performance through the optimal combination
of training and nutrition

Achieve performance goals

We check your way to your goal using the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Due to in-depth knowledge of sports physiology as well as training and nutritional sciences, we find individual solutions to be on target at all times.


Example Project


Anouk Casty

I was very young when I met Raphael for the first time. My knee suffered from my growth and sport. At the time Raphi was working in a sports therapy center and helped me to get my knee in order. I started advanced training with him and was able to train regularly again. Leaving the clinic I really wanted to continue training with him and so it turned out that he became my fitness and nutrition coach.

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