Connecting Exercise & Nutritional Science


Knowing why you are doing something is essential for the quality of the training and its regeneration. That’s why I explain a lot. From me you get tailor-made training plans and a lot of knowledge from theory and practice.


Kombination Sport und Ernärhung

Train the right way

Training concepts are over flooding – we determine which suits you best by using scientifically supported test procedures. After evaluation we discuss your goals. In principle we distinguish between endurance training and strength training. The details in endurance or strength training depend on your sport and your goals. Together we will create a training that suits you and your goals.


Sustainable and scientifically proven knowledge combined with interactive communication and coaching

Learn Nutrition

Sports nutrition is more than just extra protein after exercise. The main task of sports nutrition is to ensure that the chain link nutrition is strong enough for the respective sport to withstand the stress in training and competition. To meet the basic as well as the sport-specific requirements of (sports) nutrition. If the basics are right, you can work on the details.


Fein Kochen

Example Project

Samuel Brun

My goal was basically to increase my knowledge regarding training and sport nutrition in competitive sports. A lot was explained to me and we were able to compile and discuss food tables, nutritional plans for training days, non-training days and competition. This was very important to me personally.