Connecting Exercise & Nutritional Science


Everyday professional life has become more dynamic, unpredictable and stressful. A company can only reach its full potential if the energy management and health of all employees is stable.

What we can do

A company health promotion contains concrete strategies for influencing the health of the employees. The compatibility of private life, family and work as well as work-life balance is of great importance here.


Raphael Huber Workshop Ernährung Training

Playful awareness of nutrition, health and mindfulness
as shared corporate values

Individually tailored to your company

The goal of a company health promotion is to build up a rage of general support factors that help employees deal with their lives inside and outside the company in a health-promoting manner. These are not medical services, but holistic concepts that are oriented to the well-being of the employees.


unternehmens coaching fitness

Workshops for companies

Workshop für Unternehmen Ernährung und Fitness

Healthy people in companies …

  • experience their outer and inner world as structured and therefore understand what is happening (comprehensibility)
  • can use resources to cope with adverse challenges in their job as well as in life (manageability)
  • consider it useful to respond to life’s challenges (meaningfulness

In the various workshops, participants are sensitized to their own health in a varied and practical way. Finally motivated to define their individual health goal and finally to takle it.