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If we think about all performance determining factors – such as talent, genetics, training effort – the easiest way to manage and influence them is through nutrition and training.

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With the imparting of technical and tactical sports-specific skills, sports clubs are responsible for an extremely large number of tasks. The remaining topics are neglected due to time and personnel resources as well as a lack of know-how. With a cross-sport approach, important gaps can be closed.

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Strengthen team performance with professional training combined with optimal nutrition

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For young athletes it is almost more difficult than with professionals to find enough regeneration time in addition to training, competitions and training. Selective adjustments of training procedures, training camps or nutrition can bring about significant improvements for the club and its athletes.

Example Project

Over 30 athletes from around 15 different sports have benefited from Nutriperformx nutritional coaching in the past two years. It is precisely this versatility in the individual coaching that we, as a Basel-based provider of competitive sports promotion and client of these nutritional coaching, particularly appreciate.

We look forward to having an extremely competent, reliable and motivated partner at Nutriperformx’s side in the field of sports nutrition! Whether team or individual athletes, whether young athletes or elite athletes, the feedback on all coaching sessions was without exception positive!